New Construction - Plucked instruments

New construction - Bowed

Bowed instruments

By clicking the oval buttons you will be able to see two different violin models. One is a modern, the other a baroque violin with gut strings.

Restoration - plucked

Plucked instruments

Highest attention to details, conservation of base substance and meticulous research are the major footholds of good restoration. By clicking the oval buttons you will be led to the galleries.

Restoration - Bowed

Bowed instruments

Bowed instruments are nearly immortal and can outlast for centuries. Their construction allows to repair and restore nearly every damage. It is a great honour and pleasure to breathe new life into these instruments, again and again.

CNC - Wood


With CNC, individual parts for instruments and work tools and aids can be produced with an accuracy of 0.01 millimeter. The machine is used for newly constructed instruments as well as for job order productions. We accompany our clients from the first pencil stroke to the finished product.

CNC - Metal


Soft metals as brass or aluminium are easily milled. Small metal parts can be milled with total precision. Prototypes and small quantities are our speciality.

CAD - 2D

2D design

Perfectly matched software covers all areas, from a pencil stroke to an extensive production plan. There are no limits to most complex curves and creative designs.

CAD - 3D

3D - planning and design

Building and designing prototypes essentially requires 3-dimensional drawing. My personally programmed algorithm offers an easy and simple way to calculate and construct 3D-archings for archtop instruments.

About us

David Fenkhuber

I started my lutherie training in 2013 at a young school for stringed instruments making in Hallstatt, Austria, where I met my wife and colleague Silke. Since August 2017 I am a self-employed luthier at our workshop Ringsenberg Instruments in Upper Austria. Here I design, construct and service folk instruments, acoustic and electric guitars whereas Silke is responsible for the bowed instruments section. Our biggest goal is to combine the benefits of traditional and modern crafts to build and design instruments on the highest level for all musicians. By using the right tool, the talent of arousing emotions will climax and allows the musician a total unfolding of their individual potential.

About Ringsenberg


Ringsenberg Instruments is located approximately 50 km north of Linz, in the northern part of Upper Austria. To have a look at the surroundings and the workshop click through the galleries on the right.



You can reach us from 09.00 a.m. on, in urgent cases also on sundays and holidays. Visitors are always welcome in the shop - please give us a call before your arrival. We are looking forward to welcome you at Ringsenberg Instruments.